Strict Law Against the rapes & attempt to rape

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Dear Friends,


As Everyone knows people's of India are losing hopes on its Indian Judiciary Committee as most of them in most of the cases are not getting the genuine justice. 

 After seeing the NIRBHAYA, The 2012 Delhi gang rape case involved a rape and fatal assault that occurred on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, the cases are raising in India, again the same kind of incident took place 

in Hariyana(Hisar) a 5 years old girl or I could say a baby who properly even doesn't know the difference between good and bad, between Male and female was allegedly raped & Brutally murdered by inserting a wooden stick into her private parts,

In Delhi also few months ago a small baby of a lady labour was just 5 months old doesn't even of know about food or water was got raped n thrown in a dust bin by a co-labour worker on a site,

Few days ago a pregnant woman who had been to latrine in a village outskirts got gang raped by a two men's, My only question to past government what you action you have taken on such incidents and to the Present Government what action you have taken since you came to the power. 


My Biggest question to Indian Law board, Indian Judiciary Committee System what kind action you have taken so far ???

Even if the case is been lodged the rapists come outside on bail, or on the basis political power or on the basis of monetary power.


We the people believe in delivering the results not the assistances.

Why the rate of rape cases are so low in Saudi Arabia as compared to any of the country in the world???

 The reason is their Law & order against the rapes . A public Hanging. No second opinion about that.

I request Indian Law board, Indian Judiciary Committee to bring a strict Law Against the Rapes as well the rapes attempt, so that no body thinks about raping ..


I also request every citizen of India and the every human being on the earth to sign on this petition and share as much as you can.