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Stop increasing inbreeding in Delhi University from Prof. Rooplal's lab

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Hello Everyone,

I did my Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and a post doctorate from University of North Dakota, USA. I have been trying to get a position in this University since 2014. Despite having a good profile I couldn't find an adhoc position in the University until Jan 2017. In Jan 2017 I started teaching as an adhoc at Zoology department of Daulat Ram college. I thought finally someone looked at my resume but then again they did not consider me this semester to accommodate a fresh (Ph.D. submitted) student of Prof Rooplal, Zoology department, Delhi University. This is just one example that happened to me. There are many others like me who have outstanding academic performance, experience and still they are being removed because people like Professor Rooplal and Dr. Chitra Bhasin don't want them.

One of Prof. Rooplal's student was teaching as a guest last semester after submitting her thesis and here are her views in short: "She told me that people like me should go teach in some private school because in this University most selections happen from our lab. She said that I wasted time doing my postdoc as it will not add anything to my candidature. Publications don't matter, they just want a Ph.D. from our lab". 

They already know that they will get all the seats no matter who appears for the interview. This can be counter checked anytime. Since permanent interviews are to be scheduled soon. Prof. Rooplal's students have occupied every possible seat available in Zoology department.

Also Prof Rooplal will be there in the permanent interview selection panel of these colleges to select his own students when the time comes and there will be no place left for anyone else in future as well. His lab is a factory of producing a Ph.D. every three years and each one of them is placed in the University for sure. My request here is to at least ban Prof. Rooplal from coming in the selection panel in coming permanent interviews so that other deserving candidates stand a chance too. I am sacrificing my chance of getting selected by starting this petition and all I expect is a fair chance of being selected in permanent interviews for all of those who deserve.

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