People should be saved from unemployment, hunger and hatred

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The 39 days long lockdown has worsened the condition of informal labour, excluded groups (women, children, elderly, transgender and disabled), migrants and students stranded in different parts of the country. Most people are still left out of welfare schemes. During this atmosphere of uncertainty, there was widespread rumour-mongering and spread of communal hatred resulting in mob lynching, suicide etc.

The objective of the petition is to advocate for providing ample relief to the people affected severely by attracting the attention of the state towards their cause. We also demand taking affirmative steps for curbing the atmosphere of hate and violence.

Through this petition Right To Food Campaign (Bihar) appeal the following to the government:

  • To universalize the PDS system for the next 6 months and to provide 35 kg of food grains to each family. Under the PDS 2.5 kg of pulse, 2 litres of cooking oil, salt, milk etc must also be included for this period.
  • The amount of Rs 1000 being provided as relief measures through DBT should be enhanced to the minimum monthly wages declared by the government.
  • For enhancing the immunity of an individual against COVID 19 adequate nutritional requirements as per age, sex, physical and mental requirement needs to be ensured. The government shall adhere to all the norms while implementing the nutritional programmes. The distribution of eggs and soya beans through the ICDS needs to be reinstated.
  • Institutional delivery, Ante Natal Care, Post Natal Care and immunisation of women & children need to be reinstated at the earliest, otherwise, the MMR and IMR will increase posing great danger to the health of women & newborns.
  • Dedicated taskforce for tackling child marriage, child labour and trafficking need to be constituted after demarking the danger zones. Community-based monitoring of these issues needs to be initiated.
  • Strict measures must be adopted for containment of rumours.

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