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Abolish GST on hearing aids' batteries and repairs

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Children, teens and adults with hearing impairment deserve the right to equal opportunity in this world. They face apathy from many so-called "perfectly normal" folk. These "normal" folk discount the capabilities of hearing impaired individuals, thinking (erroneously so) that their physical "handicap" makes them somewhat "flawed"(cringe-worthy words, but so very true!) .

I am a mother of a hearing impaired child. I have witnessed, first -hand, how his teachers, classmates , social groups have initially "dismissed" him, expecting him to be an average or below average student, friend , human. But, my son has proved them wrong, over and over again. With the right hearing aids, the right support system at school and in his social groups , with his sheer hard work (he has had to work twice as hard at his studies as his "perfectly abled" friends !) he has managed to stay at the top of his class till now.

He, like others sharing his problem, is completely dependent on his hearing aids to be able to "compete" or "stand on an equal footing with" normally-abled humans. These aids need battery changes every week. The batteries are already expensive. Repairs are even more so !

And now, the Indian govt has levied a high GST rate on batteries and on repairs , service and spare parts . What is the logic behind this move ? Why this discrimination against the hearing impaired ? Are they lesser human beings then you or me ? I urge everyone to support this petition so that the concerned authorities effect a positive change in this regard. After all, we Indians do take our fundamental "right to equality " seriously ! It's about time this basic human  right was implemented EQUALLY for ALL !

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