Legal and taxation studies at high school level

Legal and taxation studies at high school level

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Yashika Bhati started this petition to Central Government and

The Indian constitution is a great blessing to us. It has laid prepositions which ensure complete safety and equal rights of its citizens. But most of the people in our country are still deprived of their rights and don't even realize so. This is because of lack of knowledge about the clauses of the constitution. I'm not talking about illiteracy or lack of quality education here. Even the students from the best of schools and colleges hardly have knowledge about all of their rights and freedoms.

This has caused huge misuse of power at the hands of the dominant groups. For eg -

1. Many people in some areas are unaware about the rules against child labour and thus favour it. 

2. A girl was forced to give consent to sex by her friend when she was intoxicated and never realized its a rape under the constitution and she can report him to the police. She blamed herself and stayed quiet for life. 

3. Many women continue to favour marital rape thinking it as their husbands' rights.

4. In some rural areas,  women don't even know that battering by their husbands and domestic violence are against the law. 

5. Policemen raiding in hotels often harass innocent unmarried couples and blackmail them for money. These people get scared because they don't even realize that they can sue the policemen for such invasion of privacy and false allegations.

Many such unaddressed issues point towards the need of a change. 

Same applies to taxation studies. We've been blinded by our governments since time immemorial. We are paying money for things we know nothing about. There is hardly any person out there who knows about all the taxes and their implications.

To be responsible citizens aware of their country and society,these 2 subjects are really important to be taught to students at school level exactly at an age when they understand these things utterly. 

Our textbooks are full of pointless stuff which has never been of use in practical life. Did you ever find the need to prove two right angles as 90° after your tenth board? 

If our children can be made to put effort on things that would never be of use to them if they opt out of that subject in further studies,  can't a few important things that would be relevant for life taught to them in course?  

I as a passout student realize this need. I feel deprived of knowledge when I've to pay Rs. 60 GST on a Rs. 400 bill. 

I feel sad when I remember mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell but know nothing about my property rights.

Why should you be an advocate to know the constitution? 

Why only a CA knows of the taxes and their usage? 


To make a better,  corruption-free and aware India,  we need to think over these issues and join hands for such a step to be taken. 

It would sort out a lot of problems this country is facing.

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