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Respected Government, 

As due to the current major outbreak of Corona Virus, the whole world economy and now specifically Indian economy is getting badly affected.

Those who are in Travel business, retail sectors and transport sectors and many more almost in each and every sectors the normal common man is affected badly by the precautionary restrictions taken by ourselves. Which is giving us loads of losses, and income loss too where the regular income is almost stopped for further next two three months or may be to an un identified date.

We as a resident of India, A biggest democracy in the world are requesting here by to pause the loans ( personal loans, home loans, business loans or on credit cards) to atleast further next three months and further after three months the same can be started as per the usual loan cycles...

This small step will let us atleast survive for next three months without any income or losses in income... 
We will appreciate if the kind steps taken under the same consideration.

We need to safeguard the basic interest/necessity and need of common man in our country.. 
 And it will give us power to fight Atleast together with this Global epidemic situation..


Citizen of India