Govt should regulate MRP of medicines heavily overcharged by private hospitals

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At a time when certain surgeons, private hospitals, and chemists left no stone unturned in minting money through an unregulated sale-price of stents used in heart-ailments, Central Government indeed did a great service to mankind by regulating prices of stents.

Now immediate focus of the central government should be on regulating prices of super-costly medicines overcharged by many so-called five-star private hospitals like Fortis, Max, Appollo etc.  A study made at wholesale medicine-market of Delhi reveals that medicines required for treatment of Dengu, Heart and Cancer have Maximum-Retail-Price (MRP) which is many times of their import-price or ex-factory price with profit-margins several hundred times.

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) should make an urgent study of mode of pricing medicines required used to treatment at different hospitals in India, and direct drug-manufacturing-companies for reasonable ex-factory price of these medicines. Further big gap between ex-factory price and MRP of medicines should be reduced to be a reasonable one just like cardiac stents now sold at normal prices.