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" My Birth right deprived " towards access to clean and potable water.

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My Birth Right Deprived :

Every being on this planet , by birth , is entitled to have access to safe Natural resource : Air and Water.

And today we do find we have been deprived of this right of ours , where one is forced to pay out of our pocket for clean and potable water , where we should have only been paying the Water Tax.

Today the most essential resource for our day to day living " Water " has been grossly mismanaged with one of it being severe depletion of water table right across the Indian region.

And more so in the state of TamilNadu where today we find a situation of very severe drought , that to within a span of just 14 months since the last catasphore hitting Chennai , year 2015.

The stand to take today is towards being a responsible citizen ourself , why do we always rely on others , either we talk of our honourable government or our neighbouring states , where in , if we catch water at it's source ie Harvest Rain Water , we shall with most probability never face the situation of drought again.

Why don't we Awake to this crisis Arise to the need and Pledge towards we being responsible ourself.

And for this , request the government to take a strong stand towards mandatory erection , along with it's proper maintenance of Rain water Harvest structures for each and every building year on year , this will forever save a state from perineal water problems , when it receives a good spell. This harvested water can sustain for the years to come by.

Request every one to look Into this with a broad outlook as one of the positive solutions to ever increasing issues connected to water. And seek your support to this cause.

Let's empower the government with our commitment and responsibility.

As it's " The BOONDH - Every Drop Counts ".

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