498a misuse by brother's wife, please cancel this law.

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We were happy family. My wife and me and my 2 children living happily with my parents. My brother got married With a girl. After their marriage she start fighting with my brother and started claiming our whole property.  My whole property earned by my father and mother with too much efforts and i and my brother helped them a lot in our childhood. But my brothers wife wants only our property and started threatning us all including my wife too. She and her family members started threatning us all under section 498a and started blackmailing us for property. I left my home and started living in another flat. My parents also started living in another flat. But my brothers wife never stop. She sometimes behaves well and sometimes she behave like psycho. One day when i was in office and my parents were outside, she started fighting with my brother. She hurt my brother heavily, she had attempt to murder. My father listen heavy noise from their flat and went there she was actually broke plant bucket on my brothers head and was pressing his neck. My brother was unconcious. My father took her away from him. But later her parents came and they started threatning us about our property else they would file 498a against us . My brother have 1 child hence he never complaint against her. We admitted my brother to hospital as he was suffering from ommiting and headache. But his wife and her parents went to police station and files 498a and 307 ipc against all of us. Me and my wife living separately from her because of her threatens. But she included my and my wife's name in 498a. I have 2 children. My parents were living with me . But her parents misusing 498a against all of us. Our happy family got spoiled. This law is against humanity and it should not be included in indian act. I request government that please cancel this act asap as many family got destroyed due to this. Please sign this petition because you can be next one who will face it.