Do not allow an expressway through Split Oak Forest

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Split Oak Forest is a superb public wilderness preserve in Central Florida’s Orange and Osceola Counties. It connects to Moss Park and other conservation lands that are part of a critical Florida wildlife corridor. Split Oak Forest has miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, and hosts the only known community of threatened Florida Scrub-Jays in the area. It’s also a relocation site for over 100 Gopher Tortoises whose homes were destroyed by nearby developments.

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) is proposing to put a high-speed toll road through the forest to access future planned developments. CFX has proposed routes that go through Split Oak Forest rather than previously identified preferred routes avoiding the preserve.  In addition to the road impacts, future plans would include intense development along the southern borders of Split Oak, Moss Park and Isle of Pines Preserve that will impact the wildlife and the ability to manage the land and control wildfires. 

Friends of Split Oak Forest is working with individuals from many organizations to oppose the route and find an acceptable solution.

Public park lands created for the protection of wildlife and natural habitats are deemed protected in perpetuity and should never be compromised for roads.

I oppose putting a road through Split Oak Forest and building residential and commercial development up to the boundary of these vital conservation lands. Don’t Split Split Oak!