Not Today, GPA

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It has come to the recent attention of Central High School students that the District has implemented a new standard regarding the determination of students' weighted GPAs; ostensibly, that regular classes at Central High School and other public magnet schools across Philadelphia will henceforth be weighted with a multiplier of 1.0, as opposed to the former multiplier of 1.1. This abrupt change will immediately affect students on a pragmatic basis while undermining both their relentless individual academic efforts and the pride in which their schools have rightfully acquired over previous decades. 

Logistically speaking, this new standard will drastically intensify the nightmarish  burden of the college applications process for rising freshmen and seniors alike. Students are persistently reminded of the rigorous competition that they will inevitably be confronted with upon reaching for the confines of their dream schools; they are reminded by their teachers, their parents, their peers, and by the world at large. Thus, students rely heavily on any achievement that they feel reflects the tirelessness of their labors; this includes their GPA. A significantly lowered GPA that does not properly reflect intellectual aptitude will tarnish individual college applications and lead to another layer of extraneous stress that students have done nothing to warrant. 

The sudden deviation from the former standard is ineffectual on a logical basis. Central High School only admits students who have scored in the 88th percentile or higher in both math and reading sections of standardized tests and who have received As and Bs on report cards in middle school. Given the exceptional intelligence of Central High School students, teachers naturally institute classes whose curriculum and workload are adapted to purposefully challenge students so that they may successfully fulfill their utmost academic potential. As teachers of Central High School go above and beyond in pushing their students to excel, students go above and beyond in doing so. This is only completed through their fierce and unwavering work ethic. Classes of such an erudite nature, combined with the unceasing means by which students work to achieve adequate marks in said classes (which, in many cases, is a B or C), can only be reflected via a GPA that properly accommodates to students' efforts by putting out what they have put in.