Central College Athletic Clubs Should Be Able To Use The Central College Athletic Logo

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The newly designed Central College Athletic Logo is currently reserved for only Athletic Teams such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc. 

We, as athletic clubs and organizations should be able to use this logo as well. The ability to use this logo would not only help our organization, but it would aid the college as well. 

The purpose of the new logo was to create a recognizable symbol that represents only Central College. This is being reserved solely for sports teams and the spirit shop at this time. This creates a limited number of outlets that the logo is able to be represented. 

If we as clubs and organizations were able to use the logo properly (which means adhering to all of the color guidelines given by Central College), we would be able to create more ways to represent Central College. This would be done with T-Shirts, posters, and Facebook pages. Our clubs and organizations would be able to uniformly represent Central College at events off campus with this logo as well. 

Also, fundraising efforts for clubs and organizations would increase if the logo was able to be included on T-Shirts that are sold around campus and to family members. Currently, clubs and organizations have to create their own logo or use the "old C". This makes the T-Shirts less desirable to buy because they do not recognize the logo as Central College anymore. 

This increase in fundraising efforts would aid the clubs and the college. This is because the clubs would have more money available to create more opportunities to grow and thrive. The college would be benefitted by having a growing presence in how much the logo is used. 

Please sign this petition to support the actions and efforts of clubs and organizations to use the logo. 

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