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Upgrade Ulverstone SkatePark

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I have talked to a local police officer and have decided to start this petition, to try to improve the Ulverstone Skatepark for the locals and those in the surrounding areas, which will create a more pleasant experience for those who may wish to use the Skatepark.

The Ulverstone Skatepark is poorly designed and has no flow for those who use the park. It was designed by the council, without getting the opinion of locals who may use the Skatepark. 

There are many reasons as to why the Skatepark should be improved, here are the following reasons;

1. There's a large tree in the center of the most popular part of the park, I understand this was left for multiple reasons, it provides shade for those who may need it. but, It interferes with everyone on a daily basis. Considering we have a purpose built shelter less than 40ft away from the tree. 

I myself have witnessed multiple children hurt themselves, just because of the leaves that have fallen from the tree. There's bark around the bottom of the tree, this spreads easily, especially on a windy day. It creates another issue for people who have smaller wheels. They are often sweeping bark off the park, just so they can proceed to ride or skate.

2. If we had an upgrade to our current skatepark, it would benefit Ulverstone, people would feel more inclined to come to Ulverstone to ride and skate. With that, Competitions may be held and will help Ulverstone get more tourists, which will benefit many local businesses.

Many locals head outside of Ulverstone to ride or skate other parks as ours is very outdated.

If an upgrade occurred, there would be less reason for riders or skaters to ride in the streets. Which would result in a decrease of vandalism.

3. The park has been poorly designed, it's a common thing to see people crash just because of the flow of the park. There are many younger children that are hurting themselves, as they are confused on where to ride in the park. As an older rider, I've witnessed first hand on multiple occasions people crash because of this poor design. I myself have been in a few of these crashes.


There has already been a petition for the change of the current park, it fell short by a few signatures, Judging by my research.

I've made this to show the interest to the Central Coast Council, I will follow this up and make sure it is presented to them. If you feel as though this should be an important change in our community, sign away.

Thanks for taking the time to read this petition.

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