The Pelican Capital Needs A Big Pelican!

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Australians love their Big Things - whether that be the Big Pineapple, the Big Merino, the Big Prawn or the Big Banana.

As The Entrance is internationally recognised as “The Pelican Capital of Australia”, it seems only natural that we have a Big Pelican overlooking The Entrance channel, rather than this weathered sculpture that is in some serious need of some TLC.

A 10 foot concrete sculpture of a cute pelican - similar to the Big Penguin in Penguin, TAS - would complement the pelican feedings and be a "must-snap" photo opportunity for anyone visiting The Entrance.

Even better, if we went for 15 foot we could go for a world's record!

The actual design, features, educational aspects and the like can be looked out once we get the ball well and truly rolling, but to start with we would like The Entrance Town Centre and Central Coast Council to at least investigate making a Big Pelican for the Pelican Capital of Australia a reality.