Stop the smokers on Lukela Ave & Woolana Ave corner.

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There is an ongoing issue with a group of parents who continue to smoke on the corner of Lukela ave & Woolana Ave on the steps or disability ramp outside the corner store. We have 4 of their names and they refuse to move and have told parents to walk their kids elsewhere.

I've been told the shops owners are intimidated by them and have said nothing, plus multiple comments and messages from other parents who agree this needs to stop. As we are a quiet neighbourhood Central Coast Council do not come this way often so I have started this petition. At least we could receive an anonymous amount of parents who are also mortified with this behaviour. Hopefully Council will then take this into account, the school and the store owners. Together we can stand.

For those who aren't familiar; the corner is between the local general store, school crossing & bus stop. For most parents this is the only entry way that can take to get into the school.

Thank you for your support.