Stop non-compliant development in Ettalong

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Ettalong Beach is being threatened by over-development. Council are approving development applications which break the rules governing development in this lovely villlage. DA55896/2019 is for a 6 storey building in a 5 storey zone, next to 1 and 2 storey homes. In the diagram shown, the coloured blocks help to show approximately the allowable height limits under the current planning regulations for Ettalong centre. You can see all new buildings and proposals currently exceed the limits.
Red=5 storey limit
Yellow=3 storey limit
Brown = the new Atlantis building
Grey = recently approved 5 storey 52 units + 6 shops block
Pink = pending developments.

The Council will only take notice if enough people voice their opinion. If you are concerned about losing the beauty and character of this lovely community please join us in telling Council we want our voices heard. We the undersigned, petition the Central Coast Council to:
Refuse DA55896/2019 for the following reasons:
� It is not sustainable with current local infrastructure
� The building exceeds designated high limit
� It has inadequate setbacks, which are non-compliant
� Presents a monolithic design, contrary to character requirements
� Overshadows pedestrian areas and road for most of the day
� Traffic analysis does not take into account newly constructed local buildings and other DA's now under consideration
� As per previous Land & Environment Court ruling, buildings bordering on residential should have lower limits
� No provision for pedestrian shelter as required.

It is important to note that the latest plan for height limits in Ettalong is to reduce them to 3 storeys. Clearly, developers are trying to get in with oversized structures not suited to the area before the rules change!