SAY NO to massive over-development on the NSW Central Coast

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A unique 24ha rural site is marked for an over 50's caravan park with 202 -YES, 202 manufactured houses (originally announced as 210) on the existing Bangaloe Stud, bordering Avoca Drive, Kincumber and Picketts Valley. The surrounding area is already glutted with these types of high-density housing. We don't need any more! 

The Development Application (just submitted) needs to be rejected in all forms by Central Coast Council as it is not in keeping with the Environmental Living (E4) zoning and rural character of this beautiful area. Although the DA status is currently 'invalid' we believe this is just a matter of time until the developers (who are based interstate!) finalise their proposal. We need your help now!

  • Construction plans include building a new 8m wide road through bushland to allow heavy construction (12.5m long) and service vehicles to access the building site daily via Picketts Valley Road. This will create dust, noise and impede traffic flow in the whole area. This is particularly concerning for the already struggling Avoca Drive which will be the permanent entrance.  Imagine hundreds more cars entering and exiting this single lane road daily?
  • This affects all those who live and work in the area, and everyone who appreciates that the Central Coast has always been a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in a peaceful, quiet, natural environment. 
  • This mostly untouched rural land forms part of a proven wildlife corridor for the threatened yellow-bellied glider and is a safe refuge for numerous ecological (flora and fauna) communities.
  • ALREADY, the developers have stated their intent to REMOVE 491 TREES from the site and that's just to start!! Trees are necessary to reduce carbon emissions - surely we need more trees, not less?
  • This mass development will impact the Avoca Lagoon Catchment area because of runoff, thus changing the Lagoon's ecology.
  • This land is part of an important green corridor linking Kincumba Mountain Reserve to the coast, and is of significant importance to coastal Aboriginal communities.
  • Such a huge development is indicative of the slow creep and the eventual changing of this semi-rural area forever to become just another built up suburb with traffic jams, high density housing and concrete.

We are not opposed to sensible, sustainable development on the NSW Central Coast but we strongly believe this proposal to be neither environmentally sustainable nor in any way suitable for a small semi-rural community.

Please help us by signing this petition to firmly let Council know this mass housing development is completely unacceptable.