No to Terrigal boardwalk proposal

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The proposed boardwalk linking Terrigal Beach to The Haven will not only have significant short term impacts during construction period on everyone who uses the beach and shops but more importantly it will contribute to further deterioration of beach and marine environment. Anyone who remembers the damage caused by the cyclonic storm in the seventies must also question potential and disastrous damage to this oversized
structure from similar future events.
The view to The Haven is part of Terrigal’s unique charm and this will be damaged by this obtrusive and unnecessary boardwalk around a fragile cliff- face.

Sign this petition and let Central Coast Council and State Government know that their money can be better spent on projects which support local people and local environment rather than more inappropriate built structures.

Personal story
I am a local and have had a connection since the sixties and remember how beautiful, clean and safe the beach used to be. Sadly I have watched the decline so that it is now Identified as one of the most polluted in the state for swimming.