More funding for specialised oncology nurses at Gosford Hospital

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The current funding for specialised oncology nurses at Gosford Hospital needs to be raised.Current waiting time for treatment can be effected because of issues arising with reaction from treatment given to each patient. This effects a huge amount of people who can’t afford to go through private hospitals or have to travel to Sydney daily for treatment.

Many years ago I put a petition together for the cancer treatment to be available at Gosford Hospital, this was done the old way going to sporting events and placing printed sheets for signatures also going to post offices asking if I could leave them for people to sign. This effort did result in there now being the Cancer Units available at Gosford Hospital. Never did I think that I would need this for myself when I started the petition.

 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2016 and have been treated at Gosford Hospital this has had a huge impact on my life and family. I’m greatly appreciative with the work that the oncology nurses at Gosford Hospital have provided. In this time I have seen how much these caring nurses are run off their feet trying to attend to all the patients, always trying their best to keep appointments as close to time as they can. They have more chairs to treat patients but not enough staff this needs to change.

There are more people being diagnosed each day with some sort of cancer on the Central Coast, Cancer has no barriers I have seen so many different ages of people having treatment here the staff need more help with treating patients, this can only be achieved by more funding for staff.

Please sign this petition so action can be taken to increase the funding.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to make a difference.

Rose Hill