Let people smoke on Lukela Ave & Woolana Ave corner.

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Cigarette smokers get harassed constantly by people. 

starting in the 90's when, quite rightly smoking was made illegal in many indoor places, throughout the 2000s it became illegal inside pubs.

Now it is illegal to eat food in a smoking area, adults are not allowed to eat food at the same location where people are smoking, perhaps the food is off putting to the smokers.

There are some people who are smoking outside, obviously in a well ventilated area (given its outside) and some people would like to cast them even further in to social isolation.

There comes a point where enough is enough.

Please sign this petition to convey a counter point against a vocal minority who want to enforce their preferences and beliefs on to other people.

No one is asking to be allowed to smoke inside an establishment, rather to consume a legal product, with reasonable restrictions on the location.

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