Help support sustainable mountain bike trails on the Central Coast.

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We need your help to support Central Coast mountain bike trails in COSS lands. (Coastal Open Space System, a network of reserves managed by the council)

Many trail systems such as the one at Kincumba Mountain could be destroyed. Kincumba is a large system of diverse trails and the removal of them would impact a large amount of families and people of all ages who use them.

Kincumba has been a mountain biking location for over 30 years and accessible to a huge portion of the Central Coast community and popular with both local and visiting riders.

The goal is to formalise current mountain bike trails and create a sustainable mountain biking system that respects the land and all users of the reserves, this involves consulting all stakeholders.

Creating a sanctioned trail system would allow for many people to enjoy a great form of outdoor based recreation, letting everyone experience being in the bush and teach them to respect it.

Thanks for supporting mountain biking on the Central Coast.