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Fix the Deathtrap on Warnervale Road near Louisiana road before someone actually DIES!!

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Warnervale Road as all locals will know has always been a mess. There are potholes the size of canyons, no marked lines, no street lighting, weird curves in the road that for someone unfamiliar with them would surely end up on the wrong side of the road and all the council seems to want to do is tip toe around it all by repairing the only parts of the road that aren't actually that bad.

After investing god knows how much into to fixing a perfectly fine roundabout near Kanwal shops. resurfacing the road near Lake Haven shops and many other far less important and less dangerous spots somehow the fools who get to make the decisions have never thought to fix the almost certain deathtrap of a crest just near the intersection of Louisiana Road and Warnervale Road.

The gutterless, narrow, pothole-filled and just generally rough road that on top of all that has a crest needs to be repaired before someone has a head on collision. When you drive here you are taking a gamble whether you want to destroy your car by the edges of the road and the potholes or destroy it and yourself by driving closer to the middle and possibly having a head on collision with someone.

I'm calling for the council to pull it's finger out and use the road taxes that we all have to pay for what they are meant for. FIX THE WHOLE ROAD. From end to end (The roundabout on sparks road all the way to the lights at Lakes Grammar School) put lines, lighting and resurface it all and do it before it's too late. stop being a reacting council that only does stuff once someone dies and get on top of it before it happens.

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