Decriminalization of Marijuana during the lockdown

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A person during lockdown is having anxiety, anger issues and facing problems to cope up with this sudden change. He needs something to relax and usually, he used to smoke cannabis(ganja) rather than taking pills. But now as he lives with his family and due to the bad image of this plant in our society he couldn’t talk about this in front of them and even if he did; he explains them with all the research that has been done which proves that Cannabis is one of the best anti-depressants and helps people to lift their mood still it’s illegal in India.

In 1985, cannabis became illegal in India under international pressure. The country which termed Marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs now legalized cannabis in several states and listed Cannabis in ‘essentials’ during this Pandemic in the United States of America.

People around the world stocking marijuana from the dispensaries where cannabis is legal. As they know it will help them to stay inside and relax as well. The legal market and stocks of cannabis are booming up. Whereas in India from where most of the marijuana around the world is originated from still ignoring its benefits.

The medicinal properties of cannabis are well known by modern science and in our Ayurveda as well. During the lockdown, people should be free to relax the way they want inside their home. People are afraid of lighting their joint in the balcony or still hiding from their parents to smoke, Why? Just because of less awareness about this plant in its birthplace.

What do we want? Legalization is the only answer but in the current scenario that is not possible. But decriminalization will be helpful at a time like these. And it will be a great step towards the legalization and awareness of this plant. Decriminalization is like in between illegal and legal. What exactly we are looking from decriminalization:

If a person caught with a small amount of cannabis then he/she will not be served by any criminal offense or jail sentence.
Permission to do low-level cultivation. (up to three plants)
Eliminate criminal penalties from the low-level sale.
The government will break the taboo on this topic by doing so and will shed light on the truth of this plant. On the other side, it will help the government to save a lot of energy and money which they spend on prisoners who are caught with a small amount of ganja. By doing so our country will join the group of countries like the USA, Canada and many more where cannabis is legalized or decriminalized or medical cannabis is legalized.

The government will help a lot of citizens during the time of lockdown by decriminalizing cannabis. It will make easier for people to talk about this plant with their family as if the government shows green light then families can show too.