Help Ngurang Reena and her family in seeking justice for her father, who was murdered.

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 I am Ms.Ngurang Reena from Arunachal Pradesh, India. I am a 27 year old research scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and a former Assistant Professor, Delhi University. I am writing to you as a disheartened citizen and as a grieving daughter who has just lost her father. I write on behalf of the nine daughters and sons that have been left behind tormented over our father’s death. They say, 'When decisions become arbitrary, all accountability is lost' and today, I have lost confidence in all the institutions on which I can rely for justice. Hence, I have quit my job, to fight for him. I don't know what else can I do!

Please read my letter and support in my family's fight.

I lost my father Ngurang Pinch last November, he was murdered. My family and I have all the reasons to believe that he was politically murdered as he was the front-runner for the upcoming 2019 election under the banner of BJP. He was immensely popular in his constituency. My father had no clue how many people and who were to join for the expedition and it was only on his arrival at the spot he learned they were twenty one of them (including him). The group consisted of ex-ministers, government employees, one police personnel, two state recognised criminals, four of his clan brothers’ (including the rafting guide).

My family and I believe that the pre-planned-expansive rafting expedition, arrangement of food, rafting boats and continuous pressure on my father to join for the expedition by his friends was a well thought staged plot for his murder. He was an invitee and had no prior plans to join until the very last day when his plan to go elsewhere with the Home Minister of the state was called off. Above all, the statements provided to us by the twenty members on what had transpired on the fateful night gives out tremendous loopholes leaving us with no choice but to believe that my father’s death was a murder. While I cry and beg the country for his justice, his friends continue to live a normal life and still claim that they don't know anything about my father's death!

After long eight months of persistence- sending incessant emails and messages to the media houses, publishing stories and reaching out to the PM's office, the President and The MOS State Kiren Rijuju, I had the urge to give up, I was exasperated. I felt like the country didn’t care about the helpless and voiceless.  Many news channel and journalists' shut the door on me saying I am a JNU student, it is a political/criminal case, "We don't want to get involved." And  if nothing, it is a trivial "North East story!", I cried in pain. But in the month of July 2018, when the Arunachal government headed our appeals and recommended my father’s case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), I breathe a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately, it's been two moths, and there has been no development. My family and I are  still awaiting confirmation from the CBI, on whether they will take up the case.

 My father late Ngurang Pinch died too young, he was just fifty three. He had given forty years of his life in politics, he was popularly known as a public leader than a politician. At the time of his death, he was the Chairman of the Agriculture Marketing Board (APAMB) and a BJP party in-charge and coordinator for Kurung Kumey district, Arunachal. My father was born in an extremely poor family in a village called Nyapin. When he was just 16, he was child-married to my mother, who was only 13. With only two underwear, one vest and bare feet he finished his schooling in the Nyapin Government Higher Secondary School. Where he was a popular student leader. He further migrated to a town for better prospects. His political journey began at a grass-root level, from having nothing to achieving accolades. He began his journey as an Anchal Samity Member (ASM) from 1987-1992, Then he went on to become the Zila Parishad Member in the year 1992-1997 thereafter, in the year 1992-1996 he was the President DCC (I) Papum Pare District.

Later, he became the Congress President District Papum Pare, AP from 1996-2000. During the 2004 general elections, my father proved his efficacy and his leadership to the state by winning the seat from the 14th Doimukh constituency as an MLA and subsequently, he was also made the Sports Chairman (2004). He became the NCP’s General Secretary and State President (2009-2010) with a close friendship with the late Member of Parliament P.A. Sangma. In the last two decades, though not in power he was loved and respected by his public. Therefore he worked hard to come back for 2019 assembly elections.

Friends, my father gave all his life for public work, in his political tenure, he was a giver, an honest leader and a hardworking father and above all a great visionary. He imparted good knowledge and lessons to his children and today we are all ready to give back to our society. He did not deserve such tragic death, no one does. My family and I have all the right to know the reasons of his death. On the day he was buried, we cried in pain but mostly in anger, not knowing the reason of his death. We are disappointed in friendship and in humanity as none of the twenty members have came forward providing condolences and mostly for concealing the truth behind my father’s death. Today, I have lost all faith in humanity, let alone god.

Through this petition, I am only pressing for an independent and a fair investigation on my father’s death.

 Why we need you support?

Tranquility is what delineates Arunachal Pradesh and one is often drawn to this part of India by its abundance green and serenity but beyond this delicate picture is a bigoted view-the one that conceals swelling failures of governance and a decayed social system. The unending political upheavals-compelling a state CM to commit suicide, the impending or already established ethnic and communal violence, exacerbated by emerging insurgency, murders, assassinations and extortions this land, is no longer the home I used to live. My family and I, along with many aggrieved families of the state have somewhere forgotten to enjoy and bask in this ‘land of the rising sun-Arunachal.’ The people of Arunachal are aghast and dismayed at the systemic violence and the distorted system with everyday reports of extortion, theft, murder and growing incidents of violence, the failure is, coherently, one of political prudence and planning. In the past three years, the state has seen 161 Murders, 26 in Itanagar itself.  While very few of them get reported, let alone solved because it is happening in a distant land-somewhere in the North-East part of India. New Delhi does not care!

My father’s murder case is not an exclusive one, certainly not; I am not claiming any ‘VIP treatment’ to the case but rather I am disgusted and furious at the plight of my state and speak for all those at the receiving end of this corrupt system. Political assassinations and murders have happened here before almost making us ‘used-to’ the idea and convincing us of the politician-militant nexus here. Murder of former MP Wangcha Rajkumar and many more such as DSP (APPSCE) Bomto Kamdak (shot by a criminal at loose and still absconding). One eminent journalist of an esteemed daily was shot here at broad day light, she survived but the criminal is free, unafraid of law. An RTI activist was also falsely accused and framed for possessing illegal arms by some powerful person in the state. The concern is, the government is failing in its duty towards protecting us and we are failing miserably as society hindsight.

 My family and I are for  pushing for a CBI investigation because we don’t have faith on the local administration. We know how local influences can stop us from getting justice. My state is a young evolving state where tribe/clan still takes control of our everyday lives-making administration difficult. And when the fight is against the powerful, the system also fails. However, I as an optimist citizen of India would request all of you to help us in this fight for justice. Many are as frightened as I am and the media here is also curtailed as in the rest of the democracies. One can only write as much as one is ‘allowed’ to. Today, I have nowhere else to turn to but you. They say, ‘When the horrors and pain of the people are louder than babies crying and when the cry of your neighbours make you more uncomfortable than murder itself, something is awfully wrong’.  

Pease help my family and my state, before it’s too late and please help us because my father was a good man, a hardworking father and a benevolent citizen of this country, who dedicated his entire life for the public of Arunachal. My fight will also provide strength to those who are fighting against injustices. My family and I repose our faith on vigilant and thinking minds like you; on the constitution of this country, on the CBI and the judiciary, hoping that we will get justice soon.

 With utmost faith,


Ngurang Reena and her family.




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