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Okay, so I'm a student. A normal student. Who came home happily after breezily giving the maths board exam of class 10, in a happy mood for it was supposed to be the last exam. Guess what I find out when I come home? Because of 4-5 SCUMBAGS, students of the entire nation have to regive the examination. And this is wrong on so many levels. 

1. 99% of the kids were not even at fault.

2. Apparently the CBSE has rats working under them, and I they can't choose quality staff, then it is their responsibility.

3. Crores of Students had already planned their future coarse of action and the reconduct will create extreme hassles for them.

These are just few of the many reasons why this reconduct oughts to be cancelled. It would've been reasonable if the examination, if it had to be, be cancelled before it had started, in the morning itself, since the information was already available of this "so-to-say paper leak" to the CBSE. But now since every student has already attempted the paper. it would be highly inefficient to reconduct the exams, giving rise to loads of problem. I feel the pain of my fellow twenties who have to go through the same. So let's sign this petition enough that it achieves the limelight and the reconduct gets scraped off the table, and things continue like they were supposed to.