Why Only Economics?? Cancel Re Examination of Economics..

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I request each and everyone to sign this petition for CBSE to take Notice and cancel the re exam for class XII CBSE students. 

We think that everyone should not be penalised for a handful of student atrocities. 

As we all know that though CBSE do not have any proof of examination leak of ECONOMICS.. And even the CBSE denied it first on 26 March 2018, then i think that it is of no use. 

CBSE is just doing it for keeping its image Safe though they do not have any proof against us... 

As there was a full proof of maths exam of class 10 was leaked.. But then too CBSE did not take any action against Class 10 re examination and cancelled the exam.

I request CBSE to cancel the re exam of economics as we the do not receive any question paper as it was circulated only in DELHI NCR by any of your corrupt officer. 

Then, why?? Only we +2 should suffer for it... I request all of you to sign the petition and help us out..