Students against CBSE decision.

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Through the media, the students of class X and class XII got to know that the CBSE has signed a circular announcing the re exam for mathematics for class X and economics for Class XII.
All of the students across the country are deeply distressed about this decision.
Most of us weren't even aware of the fact that the question paper had been leaked hours before the exam. Good number of us have made arrangements beforehand to go out of station to appear for different entrance exams for different institutes and also for other purposes.
We've worked hard all year around to perform to the best of our abilities,appearing for the exams again is pure injustice to our efforts and hardwork. It's unfair for us to suffer because of the negligence on the part of the board.
It's extremely frustrating to witness such a situation. We hereby oppose the decision for conducting the re exams and would like to assert the board to carry out the required investigation to find out how did this happen, punish the ones at fault and we would further like to say that if required the board should only arrange re exam for the centres where they find evidences of the question papers being leaked before exam.
We would like to request the board to pay heed to our grievances and not to take any haste decisions at the cost of the students' lives.
Sign this petition, suggest others who faced the same to do and let's make this possible together.

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