Postponing CBSE board exam: Danger to life

Postponing CBSE board exam: Danger to life

9 April 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by ASHISH Sharma

The worst kinda Daring possible,

sometimes being daring is necessary but in some cases it is just stupid.

This is just the case of stupid daring. As we all know corona virus is transmitting at a alarming rate right now . The new strain of the virus is better fit to bind with human cells. So the risk is more than ever . Despite this we are suppose to go and give exam. CBSE state all the guidelines will be followed but guidelines are no guarantee of safety . Like this single features of corona is enough to see how much guidelines can really help .

1.The study on surfaces also found that SARS-CoV-2 could survive in aerosol form for 3 hours. An aerosol is a fine mist of liquid suspended in a gas, such as air.(SOURCE)

so something that can remain in air for 3 hours even while we maintain gap in between ourselves if we take a step forward and a person 3 hours before sneeze at that place we are in danger of getting infected no matter how much guidelines we follow . Or will CBSE purify air every 3 hours. Even if we don't walk air will bring the virus to us . So this is enough to show how much guidelines will help in a place with hundreds of students and staff of school even one person sneezing can cause many different localities getting infected . Is the risk really worth it . 

The 3 factors given by WHO(World health Organization)

Location-open air spaces safer than enclosed places. 

Proximity- farther away from others safer then close together 

Time- shorter time periods with others is safer.

Conducting exams in this situation is like ignoring all these three factors at same time . School ain't open space. While we are guided to remain far away from others we are supposed to go give exam at a place with many other student. And time is also 3 hours . Which by means is shorter . And even before exam began students are collecting near school gate . 

It is like creating a artificial hotspot for corona spreading .


Considering 3 students would get infected during exam come from 3 different localities . They will spread it in those localities and this will start a much bigger chain reaction of covid cases . This is basic sense of matter . Before we we know those 3 cases would've been changed into 3000 . Which further let to more and more . 

I know the concern might be disruption of system of taking exam if they are postponed any further due to lesser time between exams that'll be conducted this year and next year . But to be honest sometimes it is better to save present to prosper in future . 

It is shameful that a mere disruption is valued more than student life which isn't the case with many other countries . 

And you know what I care for my life and other lives I will be threatening while giving exam . But the students are submissive that's why they are trying to run these kinda petetions to seek what is necessary and should be common place we have the option to just abadone the exams but we can't do that. Cause moral compass of ours is making us try to reach you in a humble way. 

So please try and understand from a perceptive of person who deem his life and lives of others valuable.

Exams must get postpone for few months until the situation get better. 

Getting pushed into a life threatening situation is not pleasant while we don't get a choice.

So as the title suggests the act of organising exams at given moment is stupid DARING. which isn't cool . 

IF CBSE CAN GIVE 100% GUARANTEE OF SAFETY AND THAT NO ONE WILL GET INFECTED DURING EXAMS PERIOD THAN ONLY THEY SHOULD TAKE EXAMS . only if they agree to take the responsibility and pay for the damage if someone get infected or get dead . And to be honest human life is more valuable than money in most cases. 

I would humbly request to reconsider the choice of taking exams taking examples from other countries/states and postponing the exams which is a dire necessity and  commonsense for the situation .

Again I would like to state that following guidelines is not guarantee of not getting infected, and going to give exam in the first place is contradictory to the three factors given by WHO. 


Ahh I need  Support of Everyone of my fellow students to get their Attention  to this hope you will SIGN and SPREAD 


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