No Reconduct Of CBSE AISSE Board Exams

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I am a class 10 student who gave the MATHS EXAM on 28/3/18 . I had started my preparation from November 2017 and so did most of the other Class 10 students. March 28 was like a long awaited day for all of us. But when we were informed that the examination stays cancelled after writing the exam successfully , we were petrified.

Not only this I had planned to go outstation as early as 30/3/18 and had booked all of flight tickets along with my family. I live in the very remote area of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the case with all the 16.95 lakh students all over India .All this means a ₹ 40-50,000 loss for every student. Will CBSE give compensation for their wrong doing?

Also this was leaked only in the Delhi Region, why should the students Outside Delhi be affected due to this. And will we be assured that this will not be done again? As early as 4th March 2018, the CBSE had circulated a notice against such malpractices. Did it take any preventive measures, I doubt!

We live in a democratic country. Even when we choose or leaders some have to compromise their wishes to elect the leader of their choice due to majority support of someone else. Similarly I ask CBSE to conduct a voting system for the Re-test and take measures appropriately. I am pretty sure that out of the 16.95 lakh Class 10 students, 16 lakhs would be against this Retest.

My point is clear and simple. Revise your decisions according to the wishes of majority of students and ensure that there is no leak hitherto!