Justice for CBSE batch 2020 - special note on marksheet

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One simple demand - we want the above note printed on the top of our final board marksheets, in bold and capital.

We, the CBSE class of 2020, have suffered, and no, it's not just Corona. Somehow, coincidentally or otherwise, our batch has been made to suffer through all sorts of unusual circumstances. When we entered 10th grade, the CCE pattern, which had been in effect for 9 years (practically the whole of our school life), was removed, which meant all emphasis on pen-paper tests, and number based grading system. On top of that, compulsory board exams with full syllabus. We were the very first batch to be subjected to these changes, that too in a class as important as 10th. Furthermore, we had to work with multiple radical pattern changes in 12th grade again, which kept fluctuating throughout the session, while handling issues like studying subjects for which books weren't released (Indian Economics). When we finally did give our 12th boards, we were faced with the infamous Physics blunder. And all of this is when I'm not even going into the minor details. We feel like lab rats being constantly experimented upon, as if nobody cared about how things affect us and our future. 

And it doesn't end there. We were unfortunate enough to have to deal with the Corona virus pandemic in the middle of our 12th final board exams. Our papers stood postponed for 3 months leaving us in utter uncertainty and stress. While for the papers that we did give, our copies had to be sent to the teachers' homes to be checked. And when we could finally heave a sigh of relief as the Supreme Court said our papers stand cancelled, we are punched in the face with the new marking scheme for the cancelled exams declared by CBSE. It says that for those who have given more than 3 exams, the average of the best three scores would be allotted for the cancelled subjects, for those who have given 3, the same stands for best two. While for those students who haven't given any or less than 3 exams, like in north-east Delhi, they'll be provided marks on the basis of internal or practical examinations (which we all know the truth about). We really do not find this system fair for anybody as it implies a different standard for every student. The more subjects you take into account, the lesser the average will be. So, the lesser exams you've appeared for, the luckier you get to be? How does that work? What about the students who actually worked hard? Who will take the responsibility for any severe steps like suicide attempts by students who will be disappointed by the unfair results?

Although we have been provided with the option of giving the exams later when the pandemic is over, that isn't practical as it would be atleast 2 to 3 months from now, plus the time for correction and result. We really don't have an year to waste.

Now, this isn't to blame CBSE or for that matter anybody, for what we suffer. But just to explain, that we do suffer. We understand that it must be difficult for them to come up with a solution that is fair to everybody, but that doesn't mean the injustice done to us is any less. 

So all we ask is for the Board to print the aforementioned note on our marksheets so that whenever it is to be presented in the future, whether to a university or in a job application, the conditions under which we received those scores could be taken into consideration. Maybe that could save us a lot of life long trouble. 

That is probably the least justice that could be done to us now.