Mental health awareness should start from schools in India

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Mental illnesses are growing at a splendid speed today. In a country like India, clinical depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental illness for that matter is not taken seriously. Even with social media platforms full of “positive quotes” the suicide rate in the country is increasing unprecedentedly. There is lack of awareness and there is lack of concern. I believe that this awareness should start in an individual’s life at an early stage. School and home environment plays a huge role in shaping an individual’s personality. What we know about the world and how we see it, begins at school which is our first exposure to the world outside our home. In such a situation, the schools in our country can create a big change by including mental health awareness as a part of the education of children. This will help in eventually eradicating the stigma that’s attached with mental illnesses. The real world is a challenging place and it’s only becoming more challenging with the growing competition. In such a case, it is very important for the education system to take this step. Suffering from an illness is already stressful and on the top of it, suffering silently is a bigger challenge. Having myself deal with depression for about seven years now, alone, I personally believe that this change is imperative.