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CBSE conducted accountancy examination for class 12 on 15th March, 2018, the next day after painting examination, thus leaving extremely less and insufficient time for students to prepare. While there were students who were up all night studying and preparing, there were other students who got their hands on the leaked question paper at 3am in the night. 


While there had been other rumours as well regarding the leak of question papers of other subjects, in case of accountancy, the number of students who had recieved the question paper a night before is extensively shocking, especially in Haryana and NCR region. The severity of the matter is such, that there were teachers who discussed the question paper with their students 30 minutes prior to exam.

The mental pressure on the students at this hour is extreme and when one sees his/her hardwork go down the gutter after studying the whole year because some undeserving student gets to score better marks owing to unethical means , it simply adds to the agony. Especially when their complete future depends upon these marks leaving students in a very vulnerable position.


I ,on the behalf of all the students going through the similar situation, urge CBSE to conduct a reexamination for accountancy. And if not it, then simply provide them with grace marks. I would also like to emphasise on the fact that maximum grace marks should be provided.