CBSE: Please make board examinations foolproof

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The recent case of CBSE paper leak is very unfortunate. It could have been easily averted given the fact that CBSE received a FAX message on 23rd March. But the happy-go-lucky nature of CBSE led to the desperation among the class X & XII. The CBSE chief received the leaked class X Mathematics paper on Whatsapp the previous evening but still, they conducted the exam. They might have thought that nobody will get to know anything about the paper leak incident and they banked on the career of 1 million students.

This shows the presence of serious loopholes present in our education system. Thousands of students every year prepare to give their best in the board exams. Being a student of class XII, I can understand the pain and agony many high school students are experiencing. The post-exam celebrations of class X students have been ruined, their holiday plans have been cancelled. Who will take the responsibility?

It is now the high time to fix the loopholes present in our education system. The question paper should reach the examination center only on the day of an exam. CBSE should put papers on the server rather than storing them in the Regional Office. And in the recent incidence, no re-exam shall be conducted. Since the papers were leaked only in the Delhi region, then why shall a student in Odisha or Maharashtra re-write the exam?

Therefore, I would request the CBSE to ponder about weaknesses, drop the idea of re-conducting class X Maths & class XII Economics board papers and last but not the least, SACK Anita Karwal – the so-called chief who is playing with the career of millions of students with her wry smile.

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