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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted their class 10 maths exam on Thursday.As appears in the internet and many YouTube videos students say that all questions were straight from NCERT . This is only half the truth as children were not evaluated equally.It turns out that this year different sets had different difficulty levels , in other words examinees would be evaluated not only on their skills but also upon their luck.While others students came out of the exam hall merrily these unlucky students were in tears.My particular set had Code No.30/4/1 but there were different sets for different regions too.It is common in board exams that examiners include HOTS type questions but this time Set 1 consisted of 4 HOTS question in 4 marks section.Question 24 and 28 where very hard even for a high achiever.Children are very depressed and this inequality will affect their confidence levels for remaining exams.We have great faith in CBSE and they will definitely respond if a lot of people support.So it is my humble request to sign this petition and spread it to maximum students.

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