Lenient Marking in Class XII Physics - Board Examination [CBSE]

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The PHYSICS Board Exam was held on 7th March 2018. The paper should have been easy as only a day's gap was provided to the students. Students tried their best to prepare in the single day provided to them. But that wasn't enough.

Adding to this an extremely difficult and time-consuming paper was set up. Most of the students could not complete the paper in the allotted time i.e. within 3 hrs.

The 3-mark question were extremely tricky and were set to make the children think a lot before answering them.

The students who were taking coaching for NEET and JEE found the paper acceptable. But as most of the students were preparing for Boards only, they could not attempt the complete paper, given the difficulty and length of the paper. This has also made many children demotivated and depressed about their overall results.

I got Set 2 and thought that only this specific set was supposed to be more difficult as compared to the other sets. But when the final bell rang and the answer sheets were collected, I could see that we all were sick at heart.

We request CBSE to show utmost leniency during the checking of our Physics Answer Sheets, so all of us can have a golden future.

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