Cbse COULDNT get any worse.

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CBSE COULDNT GET ANY WORSE. I cannot understand why is the organisation so weak that they let papers get leak, also even if it gets leaked, it’s their fault they should be organised enough to not let it happen. 

It is  not the first time paper got leaked. And also it’s not the only paper that got leaked. Every examination paper has been leaked to limited or greater extent. Earlier only the government   was corrupted, now even the CBSE has gone corrupt . ITS FUNNY HOW THEY DONT CARE OR EVEN CONSIDER STUDENTS’ future. Not everybody had got the leaked paper. CBSE must realise it’s punishing the innocents too which is very wrong and it couldn’t make me hate the system more. 

And CBSE thinks if they’ll reconduct  the paper it would make things fine, what if the re conducted one also gets leaked? Then what will cbse do? RE RE CONDUCT? Or deliberately cut marks of students ?

“Drawback of education system

Those who make curriculum they don't make syllabus
Those who make syllabus,they don't write books
Those who write books,The don't teach .
Those who teach , they don't set question paper
Those who set question paper they never go for evaluation”

i guess cbse should not punish students rather organise itself and get better at it. CBSE  has more cons than pros. CBSE stresses students, people suicide cause of the pressure I don’t undertand what kind of an organisation this is. It’s not central board of secondary education rather it should be called as central  board of education humiliation. And also CBSE must realise what we study and memorise one thing again and again that doesn’t help our mind grow it only strengthens our rot learning capacity.  We don’t get education in India we get “how to strengthen your rot learning” because students are parrots. 


Please do not re conduct the exam just let it be and try to focus on how to achieve organisation and loyalty in cbse. Just be because Cbse is corrupted doesn’t mean the youth , the future of tomorow AKA students  have to be penalised. 



Thank you.