Cancel CBSE exams

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The current pandemic of covid-19 has created a fear in our lives and the situation is worsening everyday, everyone is suffering due to this, but the students who still have to appear for their exams by risking their lives every second after they leave their house and reach their exam center, we would be more scared of the virus than the exams.

When there were only 400-500 cases CBSE postponed the exam and said that they would conduct the exam when the situation is under control but as of today there are ten thousand cases per day and by the time exams start there would be around three lakhs to four lakh cases. It's best for everyone if the exams would be cancelled and no one has to risk their lives. Some students have to write one exam, se have to write five. Think about it again and about the future of this country. 

The population of China and India are almost similar but Chinese were able to contaminate the virus but india is still trying to fight it. As India is second most populated country in the world, transmission of the virus is high and also higher after the lockdown restrictions were removed.  Students should not suffer because of the exams, no one will take the responsibility if any of the students fall ill. So I request the concerned person to review your decision and think about the lives of the children first then about conducting the exams.