Cancel CBSE board exams and term 2 exams

Cancel CBSE board exams and term 2 exams

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The covid cases and increasing and new variants are arising. We attended online classes for more than half of the term 1. We had most of our classes online and the schools and the cbse board is expecting us to write offline exams. This sounds unfair to most of the students as well as teachers. More than 5 months were spent on term 1 syllabus completion but the board is expecting us to finish the term 2 syllabus and exams in 2 months. This is very hectic to the teachers as well as the students.

This is causing alot of mental stress to the students. We hope that the Central government and the ministry of education can cancel our term 2 final exams. 

Covid cases keep increasing but many schools are announcing that they will be conducting offline classes soon. Many of the parents are also worried about their children's health. 

We strongly oppose on cbse offline classes or exams for term 2 for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 and sincerely hope that this matter will be pursued.

We hope that the authorities will soon take action regarding this matter.

Thank you.

72 have signed. Let’s get to 100!