Calculators in 12th Standard CBSE Examinations

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What is the square root of (2*1.6*10^-15)/(9.1*10^-31)?
It sounds absurd to ask someone to calculate this by hand, let alone to decide their future based on their ability to carry out similar calculations.

In a time bound examination, stress levels increase because of these calculations which are required to be accurately answered. 

This particular calculation is picked up straight from a question in the NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook, and it’s just a part of a much larger calculation that students must do by hand.

Most teachers also agree that it is absurd to test a student’s calculation ability in the place of conceptual understanding. This petition is to request CBSE to allow students of all streams to use non-programmable, scientific calculators.

CBSE is looking for ways and measures to reduce the burden on students, this could be one of them. Please sign this if you agree.