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Remove PVR Cinemas from Karnataka

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PVR Cinemas a Highly reputed Cinemas in India has done a non-forgivable mistake.

PVR Cinemas Authorities denied to switch on AC for a Kannada Movie. This is nothing but Discriminating Kannada in its own land. 

As we all know, India is a Secular country which respects every religion, caste, creed and also language. 

In India we have 63 Institutional languages, out of which Kannada is also one.

Kannada finds a place in Indian Currency Note, just after Assamese, Bengali and Gujarati, i,e., 4th Place. Even though, its not respected by the people. Discriminating a Language is a Serious offence in Indian Law. For this the Action to be taken Seriously.

Now coming to the matter, Why do people come to Multiplexes, even they have single screen theaters running the same movie ?

This is because, to have some luxury and avoid all type of physical disturbances while watching a movie.

If PVR says that they will not switch on AC for a Kannada movie, why should people go it, that too for a higher ticket price ?

Are Kannada movies are not worth to be played ? We, the people of Karnataka, can confidently tell you people that KFI movies are far better than any other film industry movies.

If this continues, there will be a time, when PVR should run a movie with only 10-15 people in the auditorium and will incur a great loss.

Finally, I urge PVR Cinemas to apologize for the action and also request all the concerned to take action on this Cinemas.


Yours truly


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