Central Board of Film Certification to release Deadpool 2 in India - Uncut/Uncensored

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As we all know, Deadpool is a merc with a big mouth, which when censored is no better than the last scene of Wolverine Origins. Giving this movie an A certificate and yet censoring the words make no sense as the movie would be no fun without it, and tbh, the dub would destroy it.

This petition is for those who love Deadpool the way he is meant to be and nothing else. I do not know if this will reach the correct authorities, but to initiate and try is what I am doing now.

Support and Share so this reaches the proper channels.

We need Deadpool as is. This movie is not meant for children and there is no need to provide a U/A certificate just because of it.

A means A, 18+ people are well capable enough to handle some urban slurs. People now days are well aware of the words that are used in the movies. Cutting or censoring the scenes make no sense for this movie.

Hence a request to CBFC to release this movie as is.