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CBSC course so designed that it makes studies a big bore.
Therefore it cannot impart good education.
Loads of homework has to be banned.

The text books are a big bore as it frustrates the students because of heavy irrelevant contents and mind-numbing prose by the authors.

Textbooks are marketed nationally, it is therefore a commercial source of earning.
Thus text books are made thick and heavy by putting lot of irrelevant stuff that cover all topics superficially.
The present system teaches facts that are simply to be memorised, rather than as clues of principles to be discovered and explored.
Such textbooks negates students' intelligence by fragmenting the subject matter so much that it becomes incomprehensible.
Response of students:
"Textbooks are filled with stupid words that make things harder."
"You don't learn stuff from textbooks," one student wrote. "You just memorize for a test, then forget it."

The core of good education is to imbibes the humble acceptance of our limited knowledge and yet instil within the student a passionate drive and motivation to constantly know more.

I have spent two and half hours of time in taking home work of my grandson who just got into CLASS 7 on Monday, 3rd of April, 2017.
He comes back from the school by 2:15 p.m

English 125 words
Hindi 250 words
Maths 125 words +numbers
Total pages - 10

I am 66 years old. I have done M.Sc ( Biochemistry) and LLB.
So I can say with some authority about the short comings of present education system.
I refer only to CBSC syllabus as I often take his homework.

The CBSC syllabus is so prepared that it will surely kill interest of my highly intelligent grandson in academics. Forget about any imaginative or creative bold thinking.

If the little child has to write 10 pages a day, mind you this is just the beginning of the session of class 7, I cannot imagine their plight in future.

CBSC should give point wise answer to the above quoted sample home work on how exactly children will benefit by doing 10 pages of written home work that consists of approximately 500 words in only 3 subjects that is Hindi, English and Maths.

The total number of subjects in class 7 are : English, Hindi, French, Maths ( integers, algebra and whatnot that went over my head), Science, Social Studies consisting of History, Geography and Civics.

Another important point is of aptitude which is Nature's gift.
I was very poor in maths. I could not figure out more than simple arithmetic.
Luckily for me, our syllabus had very basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry and I could just about get through without much tension.
In high school I opted for Biology, my favourite subject. Maths had no relevance for me.

If parents care for their children and don't want them to be robots/ morons they have to strongly oppose this nonsense.

Grandma's views!
Ranjana Bobde


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