Make CBSE 10th and 12th Board Re-exams easier, pragmatic and reasonable.

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With the CBSE Ministry declaring re-exams for classes 10th and 12th across India, it is adding only more scrutiny and paranoia to the perennial depression among students. Being perpetual victims of "labels"and peer pressure, these re-exams will certainly send out a ripple of dread and morbidity among us.

If the questions to be set are made much more cordial and easier, it can help reduce stress and depression among the students who are to appear for the re-exams. 

Such juvenile anomalies and their solutions should be made buoyant and easier.Since we have to reappear and rewrite the exam, there is a certain degree of uneasiness and cynicism towards the question papers.

With that being said, it can bring about a cognizant rate of educational achievement and minimize depression amidst the students' malignant mindset. And just for the record, we demand a radical, easier and affordable re exam.

I have witnessed suicides around my locality due to the raging inferno of dread and peer pressure summoned upon the students. Teenage depression is now becoming 'viral' and even more melancholic.Thriving in such a world of "labels" and cornering, we demand our voice set out to make amends and reverberate in the minds of the depressed!