Flitwick Residents against Development

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Keith Badham
Keith Badham signed this petition

Kensworth Builders Ltd plan to build 190 houses on land in Flitwick, off Admiral Row/Trafalgar Drive and Canterbury/Salisbury Road. The planned new development is enormous, as you can see from the attached image, which shows the size of the new development compared to the whole of Flitwick.  Flitwick Surgery — the only doctor’s surgery in town — is already closed to new patients because they don’t have capacity. Flitwick’s schools are almost at capacity. Traffic is a nightmare.  A huge development at Steppingley Road has already been approved and will make all of these problems even worse. So for the council to even consider approving another enormous development off Trafalgar Drive and Salisbury Road is absolute madness. The only two access points for the estate will be from Trafalgar Drive and Salisbury Road, meaning these quiet cul-de-sacs will become main roads, hosting the daily traffic from 190 new homes. If you’re a resident of Flitwick, this new development should be of extreme concern. If you’re a resident of Admiral Row, Trafalgar Drive, Naseby Place, Falkland Close, Waterloo Close, Jutland Court, Minden Close, Canterbury Road, Truro Gardens, St Albans Close, Durham Close, Ely Close, Lincoln Close or Salisbury Road, it could be life-changing.  More details can be found at www.flitwickrad.co.uk