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Chase Bank Kenya Reopen

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I reach out to all Chase Bank clients to sign this petition 1. To assure Central Bank Of Kenya that we will not withdraw our deposits from the bank so CBK can reconsider to reopen the bank with no further damages, For your sake and for the sake of the people wose lives are dependent on its survival, 2. We sign this petition demanding CBK to commit on improving its governance policies to prevent this from happening again to Chase Bank and other financial institutions in Kenya under their regulation. 3. We commit to only withdraw UPTO 10% of our deposit 6 months after the banks reopening and 10% the following year untill the banks stability is confirmed by Central bank to its clients, after which its clients can access their full funds. This will give the bank and its regulators the time to control the damages it currently suffers from withdrawal risks if it reopens. 4. Shall this petition succeed we shall avail ourselves at our Chase Bank branches to sign a hard copy of our commitment to the above solutions for submission to CBK. Someachievements of this petition will be: 1. Chase Bank will reopen and depositors will be at ease knowing their funds are safer. 2. Livelihood of majority of the depositors and 2000 staff will resume. 3. This will as well boost investor confidence towards Kenya, both local and foreign investors. 4. Our beautiful country's economy will not get affected. 5. The regulators will get a chance to improve on their policies which they can apply to other institutions they govorn. This may not be the best solution but can be used to give direction on managing such situations. It is difficult for investors to adjust when such decisions are made overnight with no immediate solutions, and yet we are equally to blame for overreacting to individual opinions posted on social media without thinking of its consequences to other fellow Kenyans. Let's work together to build a reputable Nation. Kindly use the comments bar below to help refine this petition.

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