Hong Kong Government to Build a Wheelchair-Friendly Access at Lok Ku Road Public Toilet

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Many handicap/disabled people are often discriminated, and many have trouble accessing locations throughout Hong Kong. Our aim is to reduce the prejudice and hopefully influence the government to subsidize/provide more barrier-free access location points.

Although we cannot eliminate discrimination or re-wire the city, we must start small. Our target is the Lok Ku Road Public Toilet, which currently has no ramps, making it impossible for wheelchair-bound people to use the facility. Although there is a wheelchair-accessible lift, both entrances to the public facility is surrounded by stairs. By signing this petition, we aim to be able to build a ramp at the 'Lower Lascar Row' entrance. 

We are students of King George V School, and are currently taking part of the Year 9 Community Project, which is an opportunity for Year 9 Students of our school to take action and contribute to the community. Our group is focused on researching the problems the handicap face on a daily basis in Hong Kong, and as part of our group’s project, we decided to petition for a barrier-free access at Lok Ku Road Public Toilet.