Transport facility and food for migrating labourers during COVID-19

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These days, during the covid-19 outbreak, labourers who migrate from place to place in search for work which earn them their daily wages, are returning to their villages along with their families which have small children, women and aged in them because there is no work for them now which can give them food to eat due to lockdown of country.

As no transport facility like buses or trains are available these days..they have to migrate by foot with all their belongings despite of weather and hunger.  They have no money and food to eat. Some even do not know if they will reach their destination or not.

Amidst this, some videos are emerging showing the unfortunate condition of these people when even police is punishing them for breaking rules for the lockdown. It is very true that we must follow all the rules for lockdown but if the respective governments would have taken care of their food and shelter at the first place, they would not have to survive this all..

There are many of them mapping large distances of 400km to 1000km. Most of them are from parts of Rajasthan, MP, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Indian citizens who are stuck in foreign countries have been airlifted by the government for their better but what about these people who are stuck with no choice in their own mother nation? 

Respective governments should provide

  • food [ Facility of lungars(arrangement of food at mass level) can be arranged by the panchayats of those villages which lie near highways]
  • shelter to them (those who have not left yet and have become homeless)
  • if possible, means of transport for these people.

Let us all urge to the government to save these labourers' life!!. �Help those who help us. #HelpTheLabourers