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Central and State Governments: Strict Law mandating Ministers/Govt Officials to use only government services (Education/Healthcare/Transportation)

We have many services offered by government including healthcare, education, transportation etc.

Why does always the services offered by the government are substandard in quality?
As the service providers to the public, the government officials and ministers, are they ready to consume what they offer?

When a health minister falls ill, will he go to one of the government hospitals? He/She is responsible for what is available there as a service. Why are we not binding them to what they offer? It should be part of the oath administered when they sworn in as ministers. They always run to private hospitals.

Will the minister for education send his son/daughter to one of the government primary or secondary schools? Why not? Am I missing here something?

My view is, if we make them consume what they produce, probably they might work towards improving the quality of those services. At least the one school where the minister’s son is studying will get the attention. The one hospital local Minister visits will be cleaned properly.

There should be a law which will make it mandatory that Ministers and Government officials should use government services when available. This should be part of the oath or agreement they get in at the time of starting the work. This can even include MPs and MLAs.

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