Calling for Central and Local Government in New Zealand to Support the Hospitality Sector

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Hospitality businesses across New Zealand have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 crisis and all levels of the Covid-19 alert system, with Levels 3 and 4 shutting down them down to the public. Alert level 3 reduces them to takeaway and delivery shops, and for licensed premises without off-licences, they will be attempting to survive on a tiny portion of their regular trade with continued obligations to their landlords, suppliers and staff. 100s of businesses are at risk of permanent closure, with 1000s of jobs in the line.  

With the future beyond this lockdown period uncertain, now is the time to take measures to reduce the economic impact of this crisis.  In cities and states around the world, central and local governments are adapting and making key changes to assist businesses in their attempt to survive in the form of: offering emergency off-licences to on-licensed premises, reducing licensing fees and reducing commercial property rates.  Central and local government in New Zealand needs to act now before it is too late.  

We are asking for: 

- emergency temporary off-licences to be made available to holders of current on-licences for the duration of Covid-19 crisis.  To make this happen, the Ministry of Justice needs to make the necessarily changes to the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 

- financial relief for council licence fees for the hospitality industry

- financial relief for property rates and fees for the landlords of the hospitality industry 

- government assistance in the form of commercial rent relief or guidelines

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