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Thank you and Wellington City Council Meeting this Thursday at 2pm

Thank you so much for signing this petition and supporting New Zealand's hospitality sector and their landlords. We now have over 1300 signatories and the momentum is growing!

For concerned Wellingtonians, Wellington City's Mayor Andy Foster has released this video ahead of Thursday's council meeting. He touches on some of the issues raised in this petition and invites the public to give him feedback on the meeting's agenda. 
Relevant Agenda Items:
Immediate Support Actions 
1. Rates relief - business and commercial: To provide support to businesses & commercial ratepayers, they will be able to elect to defer their fourth quarter rates without penalty initially for 6 months. Interest will be charged on any amounts deferred to provide a disincentive to those businesses that can afford to pay their rates. This mechanism provides immediate cashflow relief to businesses and because anyone taking advantage of the deferral will still be required to repay the amount deferred and interest, there is minimal cost to Council.
The criteria for commercial ratepayers are:
-  The benefits of rates relief must flow through to tenants
- Commercial ratepayers with central government tenants cannot apply
- Commercial ratepayers with non-government tenants can defer up to 75 percent of their fourth quarter rates for 6 months
-  Commercial ratepayers with accommodation, retail or hospitality tenants can defer up to 100 percent of their fourth quarter rates for 6 months.
2. Food and alcohol fees: The hospitality sector is being particularly hard hit with the lockdown and will need support both now, and in the recovery phase. Both the Food Act and Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act state that registration fees (for food) and application and annual fees (for alcohol) must accompany the application or else it is not deemed to be valid. Council wants to support the hospitality industry whilst still meeting our legislative requirements.
Therefore, Council will for 2019/20:
Food - Food Act annual registration and renewal fees will be set at $1 for quarter 4 (Q4) which is from now until July. When (if) businesses open before 1 July, then any inspection fee would also be charged at a nominal $1. Any business which has already paid its annual registration and renewal fees for the 19/20 year will also be refunded for Q4.
Alcohol – annual license and renewal fees will be set at $1 for quarter 4 (Q4) which is from now until July. In addition licensees will still be required to pay the component of the fees payable to ARLA based on the original licence fee as set out in Section 8 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

Support Initiatives in Development
1. Revitalise retail: In any recovery it will be important to encourage people back into the city and to provide immediate assistance to the retail and hospitality sectors to get people out and about again and spending money.
We will provide a targeted period of free weekend parking. The effectiveness of this initiative will be monitored through the use of market intelligence and tracking tools such as Marketview and Bellwether.
Assumptions include:
- Free weekend parking would apply for 3- 6 months
- Clifton Terrace would also be free during the weekends
- All other permits types (with the exception of coupon parking which is free in the weekend anyway) would be charged for
- Enforcement of time restrictions would apply during the free parking period to encourage turnover of vehicles across the city – which would then directly contribute to helping business etc get back on their feet.

The full agenda is here: 

If you would like to comment on this agenda, please send your feedback to the Wellington City Council. To contact all councillors, email or to contact Mayor Andy Foster, email  

Maura Rigby
1 year ago